The best ways to store hydraulic cyl
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Now Polaris Fluid Power suggest some good store ways to your hydraulic cylinders and components,because the same questions are asked several times in recent months by equipment owners, is the procedure for storing spare hydraulic cylinders and components for an extended period. So here's what Polaris recommend:


  • Always store fully retracted.
  • Store indoors in a clean, dry area.
  • Smear the internal surfaces of eye/clevis bushes or bearings with grease - particularly if they're steel.
  • Protect any exposed chrome on the rod. Oil-impregnated tape such as Denso tape can be used for this purpose. Before applying, make sure the rod is fully retracted. If a product like Denso tape is applied to the rod when the rod is not fully retracted, subsequent retraction of the rod can result in damage to the rod seal.
  • Plug the service ports with steel - not plastic, plugs or blanking plates.
  • Consider filling the cylinder with clean hydraulic oil through rod-end service port. Particularly if it is an expensive, large diameter or high pressure cylinder. I say "consider" because there are a few issues to understand before you do this.


If the cylinders or other components is not filled with oil it will obviously be filled with air. If this air is not perfectly dry, then as ambient temperature decreases the air can reach due point. This results in moisture forming on the inside of the cylinder tube. This can cause spot rusting and pitting of the tube surface, which will reduce the volumetric efficiency of the cylinder, the service life of the piston seal, and ultimately, the life of the tube itself.